Jesse R. Goliath, PhD, RPA

Skeletal Biologist | Forensic Anthropologist


AN 4363/6363 Advanced Methods in Forensic Anthropology

An in-depth examination of the analytical and theoretical aspects of human osteology with an emphasis on forensic applications. Students will conduct skeletal analyses focusing on parameters like age, sex, and stature and generate forensic reports.

AN 4990/6990 Skeletal Mechanics in Biological Anthropology

This course examines the mechanical influences on skeletal morphology from the perspectives of growth, allometry and evolution to address common health related problems related to aging, disease, and injury.

AN 8303 Bioarchaeology

This course deals with the skeletal biology of past human populations, covering both the theoretical approaches and critical analysis of methods used in the study of primarily hard tissue human remains, including dental and skeletal material.


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