Jesse R. Goliath, PhD, RPA

Skeletal Biologist | Forensic Anthropologist

Research Projects and Affiliations

The Mississippi Repository for Missing and Unidentified Persons is a statewide database and collaborative tool that seeks to:
1: Visualize socioeconomic and medicolegal disparities affecting missing persons through geospatial analysis 

2: Increase missing persons public access to this data for the greater Mississippi community. 

3: Advocate for data transparency and equity in resource allocation 

4: Partner with neighboring states to facilitate data sharing of missing and unidentified persons information
The program will examine the use of Brush Arbor Cemetery in Starkville, MS through archival, archaeological, historical, and anthropological work. Students will use a variety of methods working to preserve this African American cemetery through a decolonial and community-based restorative model.

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